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For Social Distancing and Working Remotely


The purpose of this document is to overview SD47 Support Services that enable social distancing and working remotely for the duration of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Help Desk Support

All requests should be handled via email or phone to ensure adequate social distancing. Please email or phone 604-414-2618. If you phone, you may be triaged to email to enable us to process all requests.

Accessing Email

Email services will remain fully operational. You can use your browser to access SD47 email online at or via your mobile device. 

Taking Files Home 

You can store files on USB sticks as long as data privacy is not a concern. Examples of files that are probably okay to put on USB sticks: course PowerPoint presentations, course assignments.

Please avoid downloading files to thumb drives or local computer drives if data privacy is of a concern.  Furthermore, please remember cloud services such as Dropbox and Google Drive do not meet Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) requirements. Please refer to the privacy officer for more information or guidance.

Employees will need to use GP to access files that are in Office share drives or employee U drives. If you need GP access please put in a ticket at

Global Protect (GP) Access

Due to current capacity limitations, please only connect to the GP when using a service that requires GP and be sure to disconnect from the GP when you are no longer using that service.

Services that DO require the use of GP include: files on network shares (U drive, Office drives)

Services that DO NOT require the use of GP include: most SD47 resources such as Email, SD47 Portal, SRB/PowerSchoool, Office 365, and all websites.

In the event that SD47 hits our maximum GP connections, a schedule will be created and distributed to allow access to all at scheduled intervals.

See: GP set up instructions.

Please note: SD47 IT does not support personal computers.

Please note: in order to help protect SD47 assets and data, if you are connecting from a personal computer, ensure your operating system has the latest updates applied and that you are running an updated malware/virus protection application.

Web Services 

All web services will remain fully operational. Support will continue to be through

Desktop/Laptop Support 

Limited hardware/software support will be available on SD47 managed desktop and laptops. Please email

Equipment Drop Off and Pick Up 

To drop off equipment:

  1. Contact the IT department through to make arrangements to bring machine in

  2. Ensure you bring the charger if you are dropping off a laptop

The IT department will contact you when your device is ready to be picked up. Instruction for pick up will be sent at that time. 

Loaner Laptops 

Inform your supervisor of your need for a loaner laptop. They will work with the IT Department to assign laptops if they are available.


Voicemail is available from off campus. Please refer to the //insert sd47 instructions// instructions on accessing SD47 voicemail.

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