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Filters & Queries

Basic Filters and Fieldsets

This short video will walk you through the fundamentals of using Filters and Fieldsets. ​See below for advanced versions of creating your own filters and field sets. 

Bu​​ilding a Query

This video will walk through the process of building a new simple query from scratch. If ​you wish to reuse the Query watch the video below on how Creating Fileters


Creating​ Filters

This video will walk you through the process of turning a query into a Filter that can be applied quickly and easily. To learn how to manage your list of Filters - and by extension fieldsets, see the video on Managing your Filters below.


Managing you Filt​​ers

As you create additional Filters you will begin to find that your list of filters becomes cumbersome to find your frequently used filters. Follow the instructions in this video to learn how to manage the order of your filters. 


Managing Fields​ets

The process of managing your fieldset is similar to Filters, so this video will focus on the process to copy, and create new Fieldsets that will allow you more easy access to the information that you need to see now. A combination of both Filter and Fieldset will help make exporting data for 3rd party systems much quicker process. See the Reports and Extracts page for more information on Exporting data from Myeducation BC.



Filter the Other Alert Fie​​ld

This video walks through using the Other Alert =? filter which allows staff to filter on a specific Other Alert. This is example uses the Other informaiton Alert used by Strong Start to designate students who have not provided a Birth Certificate