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First Time MyEd Login

The first time that you log into MyEd BC you will need to go through a few step to set up your account. The video below will walk you through that process.


Reset your myed password

MyEducation BC allows users to reset their own password if they have either forgotten their password, if it has expired, or if they have disabled their account by entering a wrong password. 


Daily attendance for Elementary Teachers

This video will walk elementary teachers through taking attendance. It is important that teachers use the Daily side tab to record their attendance so that the attendnace is reported properly through the reports. If you wish for printed documentation please use the file below.

Elementary Teacher Attendance 1.0.pdf


Filters and Fieldsets

FIlters are an incredibly useful tool to create custom selections, and fieldsets will allow you to determine the information that you are viewing on the screen. For infoormation on how to create both Filters and Fieldsets, as well as how to manage those lists, please visit the Filter and Queries page.