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1701 Resources

​​Below you will find documentation regarding the 1701 process, as well as training videos to walk you through the steps involved. Please let me know if you have any questions. 

K-12 - Ministry Data Collection Website

1701 Reference Guide.pdf

MyEd 1701 Reports

This section is still under development... I will be reviewing the available Verification reports to determine the best way to review your data before an upload... the other option is simply to upload the data and review it on the Verification Manager.

Program Assignments

Every year we have the conversation surrounding assigning programs to students: do we end date or not. So I think we are going to make a decision and create a Start and End date EVERY year. So this would mean that at the beginning of September You will go and mass assign Core French to all of your Grade 5-7 with a start date of the first day of school and an end date of the last day. You will also need to go in and do the same thing for your Ab support students etc. Below you will find videos that walk you through each of those proceses, please let me know if you have any questions, or if you want any specific steps added in.

**Important note: starting this year we will no longer be assigning programs that begin with 47 - please ensure that you use the default ministry program such as "Core French" or "Ab Support".

Mass Updating End Date for all Student Program Assignments

This video is really just for this first year - though it might be a good idea to quickly check this each year to make sure that all programs have an end date. This will walk you through the process of end dating all open program assignments.


Mass Updating 170​1 Program Assignments

This is going to be the easiest way to manage your whole school. The easiest way to make you selections will be to use a combination of different fieldsets and queries. As we go though I will work on creating additional filters to help make the process go quicker. If you have suggestions please let me know


Assigning a Program Assign​ment to an Individual Student

Eventually at the end you will likely have to make changes to individual student program assignments. This used to be done from the demographic loop on the details side tab, but it has now been moved to the Membership side tab. You can also modify an existing assignment if you need to.


Verification Process

Once you are comfortable that you data in MyEd is accurate, or if you just want to upload it to see if you have any errors please follow the processes below to download the STD file from MyEd and upload it to the Verification Manager​

Extract 1701 STD from MyEd

Producing the 1701 file is actually an incredibly easy process Student Top Tab > Options > Exports > BC 1701 STD Extract. The key point for DL schools is the Active date - this date should be the day AFTER the last submission. See below for more information.


Upload 1701 File to Verification Manager 

Now that we have downloaded the STD file you are ready to upload the file to the verification manager. Follow the steps below to go through that process.

*It is important to remember that everytime you upload a file to the verification manager you need to rerun the reports. This process is not run automatically. To re-run (verify) the new upload go to the "Verify 170s and Generate Reports" link on the 1701 main menu, then click on "Submit 1701 data for Verification" button. New reports will be available once that process has completed


1701 Verification Reports

In addition to the Verification Reports found in MyEd the Verification Manager has a variety of reports that are very useful to you as you check your data. Take some time going through each report and you fill find a groove in determining which reports are of most value. The video below discusses most of them and how to read them. Make sure that you print out the All Reports (9000) for your Principal as they should be reviewing each page for accuracy. 


Adding/Editing Records in the Verification Manager

Very occasionally you may need to make changes to a student record after it has been uploaded to the verification manager. This is a very simple process, but it is important to note that any changes or adjustments you make in the verification manager should also be made in MyEd if they are applicable. Some instances may be that you are aware of a designation change that still needs to go through the district office. You could make the change in the manager so that you don't have to do another upload once the designation change has been completed. Another situation may be that a student transfers to your school on Sept 28 and the other school has not yet withdrawn them from their school. You can manually add them to the verification manager, again saving you the hassel from reuploading your data. 


Exporting your 1701 File to be sent to the District Office

Once all of your data has been verified and approved by your school principal it is time to send it for District review and approval. ​The video below will walk you through creating a .VER file to send to the District Office.