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Strong Start Schools

​​These instructions will walk you through managing Strong Start data and attendance. If you need further clarification please do not hesitate to let me know.

Below are the established steps for registering kids in a Strong Start program.

Office Receives Registration Form
  1. If no Birth Certificate is with the registration form please take note of the * in step 3
  2. ​Go to the SD47 Central Learning Database in MyEd and search for student 
    • If not Registered the student using the instructions in step 3
    • if the student is found in the central learning database, cross enrol the student to your school using the instructions found in step 4
  3. Register the student in the Central Learning Database
    • *All EL students should be Registered in the Central Learning Database. DO NOT register students directly into your school
    • In the SD47 Central Database: School View : ​Student Top Tab > Options > Registration > Register Student 
    • Use the following information to search the Ministry database for the student:
      • Legal Last name (from Birth certificate or other legal document *)
      • Gender (as stated on the legal documentation)
      • Date of Birth (as indicated on the legal documentation 
    • If the student has been previously registered by the district his information will show up. If they haven't complete the registration process
    • Set the start date as the first day of school
    • Set the calendar to Standard
    • *If no Birth Certificate is with the registration add an "Other Information Alert and write in "No Birth Certificate on file" and add your initials
  4. Cross ​Enrol the student to your site school​​​​
    • This is easiest to do from the Central Learning Database, however it can be done from your school as well using the Pull Method 
    • In the SD47 Central Database: School View : Student Top Tab > Options > Create Secondary School Association
    • Using the PUSH tab:
      • Set the start date for the first day that the student attended your school
      • Set the end date as the last day of school.
      • Choose "Selection" 
        • Using the pop up select the students that you wish to cross enrol in your school. Select as many as necessary. 
      • Click OK
    • Student is now x-enrolled at your site​
  5. Add students to course for attendance This step is REQUIRED for all students. If you do not add them to a course they will not show up for attendance - this must be done in your school site - not the Central Database
    • Your School : ​​Student Top Tab > Schedule Side Tab > Workspace Sub Side Tab
    • Under the Student Schedule section Click "Select"
    • Place a check mark next to the XAT course for your school and select OK
    • Click Post. ​ on the bottom right. If you do not click post it will not save the course assignment. 
Student on Attendance list but no registration SpreadSheet
  1. Go to the Early Learning Group Site - In the Shared Documents Library open up the "No Registrations" Excel File
  2. Click on Edit Workbook > Edit in Excel Online
  3. Go to the appropriate Attendance month sheet using the tabs at the bottom of the Spreadsheet
  4. If the student isn't already on the list for that month add their information
  5. For each day that the student has attened place your student code in the cell (this will allow for the possibility of recording multiple centers on each day. School codes are below
    • Westview: W
    • Edgehill: E
    • Kelly Creek: K
    • Henderson: H
    • Orca Bus: O​​​​​​
  6. Once a registration form has been received and the record has been created please remember to enter in the past attendance recorded in the online spreadsheet. If you notice that the student has attended another school as well please inform the secretary that the student has been registered and they can also move the attendance over. Once the attendance has been entered in MyEd please change the font color of the name to RED so that it can be identified as updated.
Taking Attendance

In order for attendace to be taken students MUST be registered in the Strong Start school AND the course needs to be added. When working on attendance it is easiest to work on a PER DAY basis as opposed to working on a single student and multiple dates.  

Taking Attendance using School View

  1. Attendance Top Tab >  Class Office Side TabCapture.PNG

  2. Select Date for attendance

  3. Click on the "---" under the appropriate period number.

  4. In the pop up select "POS" from the Drop down next too "Other Code"

  5. Click Save - move on to next record.