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 Simplified IEP Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I use for the Plan Name?
    The District will use a standard naming process for naming plans: SD47-IEP-YYYY. The date represents the school year for the IEP based on September enrollment. In the case where you have renewed a plan during the year append an "R#" to represent a revision. For example, SD47-IEP-2017R1
  • Is an End Date required?
    The End Date is not a required field as per the application, however, for now standard District practice will be to add an End Date to represent the length of the goals. This topic will continue to be discussed within the department to ensure that the procedure fits all circumstances.
  • I can't find my student's plan?
    The first step is to change the filter to all active, if he shows up there go in and change plan details and change the case manager. If she doesn’t show up under the active filter, change it to all records, you will likely find that none of his IEPβ€˜s are active becomes the start date is not correct. Plans are now draft, active or previous based on their start and end date