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Writing and Renewing IEP

The process for Writing and Renewing an IEP is outlined in detail using the Student Services Inclusive Education Plans guide. For definitive answers please refert to that document. View the following page for information on Enrolling a Student in Student Services 

Writing an IEP

When a student is enrolled in Student Services a Draft plan is automatically created. To fill out that plan you can either:

1. Go to Student TT > Select the Student

2. Go to Plans ST > Open the Draft plan


1. Go to Plans TT > All of your plans should show here. If it is not there change the filter to Draft IEPs

2. Click on the student name and start editing the plan

Remember to always click the SAVE button when you are finished working. 

For more detailed information on completing an IEP refer to the Student Services Inclusive Education Plans guide.

Renewing an IEP

In order to Renew an iep the student must currently have an Active IEP. An IEP status is set by the Plan start and end date. To better understand how the Status is affected by the Start and End dates please refer to page 15 of the Student Services Inclusive Education Plans guide. 

1. Student or Plan TT >  Options > Renew

2. Select the Student from the pick list 

3. Select the appropriate Plan that you wish to copy for renewal from the pick list. 

4. Add the Start Date for the IEP

5. Add the End Date for the IEP according to District standards

6. Select the Plan Renewal Date according to District standards in accordance to when plan should be renewed

7. Name the Plan according to standard practice: SD47-IEP-YYYY