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Excel Online

Office 365 gives you the power of Excel wherever and whenever. You can access your Excel files easily from any browser, or from the free Excel app on your mobile device. Below are some features detailed out as well as a video walking through navigating your way through Excel Online. 


Using the Share button at the top right hand of the page you can share any document with anyone within the organization. Multiple people can be logged into the same document and edit simultaneously.  


Functions and Formulas

Excel Online allows you to write the same functions and formulas as you would in Excel 2016, however, you are unable to run Macros while online. 


A new addition for Excel is the ability to create Forms directly inside of your Excel document. This will create a form that can be sent out electronically and anonymous users (or only people within your organization depending on your settings) can submit information right into your spreadsheet. This can be great to use as a teacher and have your students go out and gather information from around the class, then use that data to collaboratively complete a project. Or perhaps you could use it to gather information from parents prior to an upcoming parent teacher conference. You can find more information about Office 365 Forms in the menu to the right. The video below deals with creating forms from within Excel as opposed to the Forms App. 


An Overview of Excel Online