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Email Setup

Setting up SD47 Mail on a mobile phone

iPhone Mail instructions

1. Tap the system Settings Icon β€‹ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ image1.PNG
​2. Mail
​3. Accounts (if you are adjusting a current account skip to step 7)
​4. Add Account
5. ​Exchange
​6.  Enter in your District email and give it a description like "SD47 Mail" - Click Next
​7. Following the image to the right, fill in the appropriate information. If you are adjusting a current account, you simply need to adjust the Server information to be ""
8. ​Click Done
​9. Select which features you wish to be turned on
​*If you go back into your account advanced settings you can determine how long mail should be kept locally on your device.

Android Mail instructions

(Due to the wide variety of Android operating systems, the instructions below are a generic approach to setting up an Android Mail app. The might differ slighly depending on your version of the Android operating system)

1. Tap the system Settings Icon ​
2. Tap Accounts & Sync (sometimes just Accounts)​ ​
​3. Tap Add β€‹
4. ​Tap Exchange ActiveSync (Microsft Exchange on some devices) ​
​5. Enter your email address and password then tap Manual Setup β€‹
​6. Using the information in the iPhone image above, enter in the appropriate information (in addtion, select This server requires an encrypted SSl Connection)  then tap Next β€‹
​7. Select the services that you wish to include ​
​8. Add a descriptive account name (SD47 mail) - then click, Finish Setup. ​