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Reseting your District Password

This process is probably easier than you think. The first thing is that you must be in a district building (School or Board office) to change your password. If you are at home or away from town on a laptop it will change your device password, but it will not affect your user and email account and there will be all sorts of problems when you come back.

When you are here simulatneously press the "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Delete" key on your computer. You will be brought to a Blue windows screen. Select "Change Password". After your password has been changed press the blue arrow.

For information on changing your MyEducation BC password please visit the MyEdBC training site

Backing up your Files

Backing up your personal files should be done as frequently as possible. The best person to trust with the safety of your data is you. Please watch the video below for a basic overview of backing up your personal data. Below the video I will go over some additional points


 Restoring your Back up in Windows 10