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Using Flash Enabled Programs

​When utilizing a resource that requires the Flash player, please ensure that you are currently using the Google Chrome Browser. On first access you will likely get the following message in your browser: Click to enable Adobe Flash Player - Click on the puzzle piece in the middle of the screen. This will bring a pop up at the top left of the screen that asks you whether you wish to Run Flash, or Block it. Select Allow


If you are not givin this option, click on the Left side of the URL bar (in the image where it says Secure. This will drop down a list of add in options for the current page/site available in Chrome. Locate Flash and change the default selection of Ask to "Always allow on this site". Flash should now work in your browser for that site.


Both of these steps are required per user, per machine, per site. There is no quick way to allow flash for all sites. It would be best to teach your students how to enable flash themselves so that this is a quicker process moving forward.