Tony Papa
Learners Preparing for the Challenges of Tomorrow

Welcome to the Powell River Digital Film School.   

This is a unique opportunity to exercise your creativity and your passion in a very supportive and conducive atmosphere.  Your going to have a great time, meet new people and discover the adventure of filmmaking, and gather some very important life lessons and you go. You will get an overview of what it takes to make meaningful film projects and to work together with others of the same like-mindedness.  

Please go over the below information carefully and ensure there are no conflicts and that you and your parents understand the mission and the goals of the film program as well as what is expected of you throughout the program duration.   Please sign and return the last page on the first day of class.  Please contact Tony Papa at 604 344 0210 or, with any questions or concerns.                         

The Powell River Digital Film School

The Film School is a dual credit program earning 20+ high school credits and simultaneously earing university credits to two prominent Universities, Emily Carr U and the Toronto Film School. We also have preferential entry into Capilano University.  Open to all BC students (19 and under) who are interested in the fascinating world of professional filmmaking.  The school allows students hands on experience with state-of-the-art equipment in a professional environment.  The course is intended to introduce the skills and concepts of professional filmmaking and the industry of Motion Picture Production.

Both a set etiquette and set-safety course will be included in the Film Program.  This will allow the students to be present on live film sets as well as, in many cases, enable the student to garner paid work in the industry of the film business.

Throughout the course, students will learn aspects of writing, camera, sound, directing, producing, post production (editing) animation and lighting as well as the various genres of film and the basic language of filmmaking.

Many students from past years have transferred to Capilano University's Film Program, Toronto Film Program or Emily Carr U and many have found work in the Film Industry from their experiences at the film school.  

Students will meet many people with similar interests throughout the various workshops and travels we do but also students will learn much about themselves, each other and life itself, as relating to team work, leadership, empathy, respect, honour, and imagination.

Students are encouraged to broaden their imaginations and foster their full creative potential while learning these principles including problem solving, creative writing, production and the marketing of their works as well as launching a career in the film industry if they so desire.



Students from out of town are billeted (Room and board) by local families during the 5 Month program.  Billeting costs are 850.00 per Month and include a private room and meals. 



The course is a 20-credit course and there are 3 credits allotted for work experience.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of any given opportunities to volunteer on local productions as this can be added to their profile for a stronger resume leading to paid work. The possibility exists that for students showing promise, they may be offered paid work on professional sets of production. At the school, we do keep an eye out to help students advance into a film career if they so desire. 


A+ = 95-100% B+ = 80-84%  C+ = 65-69%     D = 50-54%    

A   = 90-94%   B   = 75-79% C   = 60-64%      F  = 00-49%

A-  = 85-89%   B-  = 70-74% C-  = 55-59%


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